JUNE 2 2019 : A New Neon Body but still Shakey Steppers
  • I have since attached the new "Neon" Carl body to the primary electronics housing.
  • Mark found some math + code that seems to work right out of the box with our sensors and motors.
  • The steppers still aren't running smooothly yet, so Mark will need to do somoe research on timing this week to sort that out
May 28 2019 : Bumper Build

Today I streamed the design of a crude "kick stand" in Fusion360. This bumper will help Carl from falling on his face if his center oof balance passes an angle of no return!

May 20 2019 : Brain Wiring and Test!

Tonight, I hooked up some steppers, motor drivers, and an accelerometer to an Arduino to test Carl's new brain system!

The new body is already built and ready. If all goes well, the brain will be tested in tendem with the body next.

February 8 2016 : Point of Origin

This is the first (and until now, the only) video I produced explaining what my plans are for Carl the robot.

I show the construction of his basic form, the connection of his "limb" to his body... and the assembly of his first "foot" equipped with omni wheels!